Roots Bury Deep

by Rebekah Todd

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released February 18, 2014

Roots Bury Deep

Recorded/Engineered/Mastered by John Harrell at The Sound Barn in Kinston, NC.

Artwork by Sterling Lieske

Rebekah Todd- Vocals, Guitar
William Seymour- Bass
Demetrice Everett- Drums
Brandon Shamar- Keys
Evan Roberson- Trombone
Chris Knuckles- Saxophone



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Rebekah Todd Greenville, North Carolina

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Track Name: Devil's Gonna Buy
Devi's Gonna Buy me a brand new pair of shoes
I'm gonna walk right down the streets of Baton Rouge
Said Devil do you think I'll make it down there
Don't you worry it's safe as hell
Devil's gonna buy me a brand new pair of shoes

Devil's gonna buy me a bid old mansion home
and a big old mansion yard to play with my children on
Said I ain't got a thing to pay you with
All I need is your soul to give
Devil's gonna buy me a big old mansion home
Track Name: Closer To Dead
Trying not to lose my mind
I'm trying not to lose my head
Every day that's passing by
I'm a day closer to dead

Well it was nearly sunday morning
When I finally heard the news
Said the man had a heart
As good as gold
Wearing his Sunday shoes
And the preachers gathered round him
Like the collar on his shirt
Said his soul went up to the pearly gates
Body is in the dirt


Well he smelled like cigarettes
on a cold winters day
They chased his body like a dog in a cage
Must have told him a thousand times to run the other way
But one thing I know for sure
Is dogs don't listen to me


All I know is all I see and
All I saw was everything

Track Name: On the Run
Babe you've got to believe me cause it's true
All of this has got nothing to do with you
But I've got places to go, I've got people to meet
And there ain't no stopping me
You can blame it all on my foolish pride
Babe you know I've got nothing to hide
But everywhere I go, I've got people on my side
And that's all I need tonight.

I'm on the run.
Track Name: Thinking About You
Baby I've been thinking about you
About the things that we used to do
About the way that we used to talk
The way your kisses seem to go on and on
Baby I've been thinking about you

Baby I've been having all these dreams
About you standing right next to me
About you reaching out to take my hand
And saying all these things
That I can't understand
But baby I've been thinking about you

All these days
All these nights
How they have no end in sight
When you're not here
All I am
Is a set of lungs that can't catch their breath
Baby I've been thinking about you

Baby I've been having all these thoughts
About the way that my life has gotten all messed up
About the things that I can never change
And praying never seems to do anything
But baby I've been thinking about you
Track Name: Tornado
When the TV stations and the skyscrapers went black
All the people ran to their safe places and they never came back
We were all alone on a street corner
When the hail began to fall
And the sky ripped open
The sky ripped open on us

If the tornado wants to get me
Why doesn't it come?

Hey did you know that it's almost over now
Well the wind has been ripping like a roller coaster
and I'm jumping out
I can't stand to be in this thunder
Can't stand to be in this rain
While the sky rips open, the sky rips open on me
Track Name: Your Smiling Face
I ain't afraid of Dying
I ain't afraid of heights
I ain't afraid of all those creepy crawly things
That might bite me in the night
No I ain't afraid of waking up
With nothing left to eat
No I ain't afraid of no more money
And no shoes on my feet
No the only thing that worries me
Is spending one more day
Without waking up
To your smiling face

I've seen a lot of faces
That I'll never see again
I've made mistakes that I'll never again make
And I've lost many a friend
Oh I've traveled all around these roads
With no one but myself
All the time wishing it was your hand
that I held
Oh the only thing that worries me
Is spending one more day
Without waking up
To your smiling face
Track Name: Old Days
Every day I'm searching for the answer
Since you left my life has been a wreck
Every day I'm reading through your last love letter
Which hangs upon my wall above my desk
Every day I'm sifting through those memories
Swimming round and round inside my head
In that final hour when your eyes closed
I swear that I could still see you breathing

Now I feel the old days running through my cold veins
I know, I know
I can feel the old days running through my cold veins
I know, I know

Everyday I'm searching for your laughter
I swear I heard you talking in a crowd
And every night before I lay me down to sleep
I pray I hear you call my name out loud
All that's left is everything you couldn't take with you
Leaving is never as easy as it seems
I know that people think that I'm crazy
But I swear that we were talking in my dreams

Just gotta keep breathing
Track Name: Roots Bury Deep
Maybe there's a place out there
Where we can stretch our arms
All these city streets, city people and city dreams
Have got me wrong
But the rain doesn't taste the same these days
And the sky bends in a different way
Oh my eyes have seen greater things than these
Won't you let

Let me take you back to the rhythm
Back to the time when you felt only love in my arms
Let me take you back to the country
Where your roots bury deep
And the soil is rich for all
Where we can grow

I've got all the time in the world
If you want me to wait
Cause you know the road has got me weary
For brighter days
And everyone around me has got empty eyes
And I can't see their souls no matter how hard I try
Got a fire in my belly let me burn let me fly
Won't you let
Track Name: Wishing Well
Found a wishing well in the forest
Where I laid my dreams
the trees were gossiping
About my circumstances
All I could see
Was the glimmer of the water as they whispered
And a promise of a life extraordinary

They tore my fathers house
down to the ground
and all that is left
Is a rubble mound
and memories scattered round this place
and all i can say
Is losing isn't easy
i hope love can find it's way
Find it's way back to me

I found a wishing well
In the forest
Where I laid my dreams
When I leaned into a face I did not recognize
a reflection of a life so full of sorrow
Will she ever break away from yesterday
Into tomorrow
Oh, tomorrow.